There are different types of audiophiles. There are those who believe a stereo component should, in the reproduction of music, stir the emotions, passions, and sound beautiful and cause delight.

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Drive System

Idler wheel drives in general were originally designed to overcome stylus force drag, as in their day cartridges tracked at 10 grams.

Stylus force drag is the braking action of the stylus in the groove: the greater the groove excursions, or pressure of the stylus, the greater the friction and so braking force. As expected, sudden transients, dynamic shadings and bass are, apart from actual tracking force, the greatest causes of stylus force drag, which is always present, and it is here that failure to overcome it is most audible.

Drive System

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Let’s take Koetsus: Koetsus are admired for their coherence above all, and yet they are almost universally criticized for their overblown and ill-defined bass.  But, as we have seen, Sugano used a Garrard 401 idler-wheel drive to voice his cartridges.  So why are his otherwise superb transducers loose and overblown in the… Read more >