How it Works

I begin a commission when a deposit in the amount of 50% of the calculated total is sent to me, at which point the commissioner’s place in line is locked . For the Classics the usual delivery date – barring various complications due to the outsourcing of various steps (I am a small business with necessarily small numbers and must sometimes wait in line behind the Big Boys) – is 4 weeks, at which point shipping is calculated and this plus the 50% remaining is paid and the machine is shipped off. For the Reference Lenco estimated time is roughly six weeks, same conditions. I have never in six years of business failed to deliver. One reason I was able to take the Lenco and idlers in general so far is my hard-earned reputation for integrity.

At the moment I have a serious backlog, which I am working on clearing, so an 8-week period to completion is more realistic for now. I am looking for a larger location to accommodate larger tools and a larger workshop to speed up the process and shorten delivery times, but simply don’t have the time right now. I hope to have two ready-made models always ready to ship instantly sometime in the near future, payment in this case would be immediate, contact me to see what is available.