Steampunk Lenco

Some might remember I had originally planned to “conquer the world” with the Classic Lenco (Plain & Simple), in order to prove the superiority of idler-wheel drive. Then I invented/developed the superior Reference Lenco and that plan went off the rails.

Anyone dare hear what it can do? I use chalk paint for the retro look and for the brilliant colors; and a deliberately hand-made/imperfect silkscreening (for those who don’t understand the whole retro thing, before laser-cut too-slick crap took over), on a deliberately imperfect rough paint finish. Hence “Steampunk”. The silkscreening is from original Lenco blueprints, and an original Lenco manual (1960s) and original Lenco tonearm template/jig.

Same as for the Classic Lenco (Plain & Simple), Price: $2000 for a 75-pound Classic (this is the original “Giant Lenco” which first proved the effectiveness of increased mass); $2600 for a 100-pound Classic, PROVIDED A LENCO IS FOUND AND SHIPPED TO ME.


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