Upgrade Policy

I offer very generous trade-in value to my own work, so that if you commission a lower model, it can later be traded against a Reference Lenco MKII or higher. Similarly, if someone buys one of my older models used, then it can be sent to me to be upgraded to MKII levels or against a Reference Lenco MKII, and so on.

Trades and Exchanges

For years now I have been accepting in trade against my own work audio items of interest to me from distributors, dealers and manufacturers. Standard policy so things do not become too complicated is simply to value our respective items at 100% retail, and trade based on that basis. Of course, being in the business I am, I am mostly interested in LP-based items like phono cartridges, tonearms, phono preamps, but, being an enthusiastic audiophile I can be tempted by various items such as power amps (it’s how I acquired my collection including Wyetech), preamps, speakers, etc. My usual caveat is only up to 50% of the full value of my work, with the balance paid in cash, but again, given items of sufficient interest to me I have been known to waive this rule.